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Monday, July 26, 2010

washing laundry (especially when you have little ones) is a constant task that utilizes a lot of water and energy. you can reduce your carbon footprint (and stains!) by following these five simple steps:

(1.) use cold water! 90% of all energy used by a washing machine goes to heating the water
(2.) soap up with eco-friendly detergents... they are better for your skin and the environment
(3.) do loads of laundry when you've got enough to run a full load. if you have multiple loads to wash, do them consecutively (the washing machine does not have to work as hard to get started)
(4.) after each use of the dryer, make sure to empty out the lint filter - it improves air circulation and makes the dryer work more efficiently
(5.) when possible, hang your clothes on a drying rack or clothing line.

considering that the average household does approximately 400 loads of laundry a year* (that's 13,500 gallons of water!), it's good to wash & fold knowing that you are being energy efficient :)

* according to Energy Star energystar.gov

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

It is always possible to hang your clothes on a laundry drying rack or line. I have not owned a dryer for two years. My family always has clean dry clothes. If we are really committed to saving money and resources. As well as lessening the amount of green house gasses that we are putting in the environment then air drying is the only way to go.

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