Baby, it's cold outside!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dress the kiddies for success in a winter wonderland:

Dress them in thin layers.  You'll want about 3 of them total (long sleeve cotton shirt, flannel shirt, coat).  Piling on bulky sweater, fleece, down jacket and several pairs of socks is only for extreme conditions; otherwise, they are going to make your kid sweat if he's out running around, says Richard Lichenstein, M.D., a pediatric emergency medicine physician.

Pick the right fabrics.  "If you're child is just going out for an hour or so, a regular old turtleneck is fine as a base layer," says Dr. Lichenstein.  Jeans or sweats can go under the snow pants.  Do invest in synthetic (polyester) long underwear, however, if your kid is going to be out, say, skiing all day.  These fabric blends are much better than cotton or silk at wicking away moisture.

Accessorize.  Don't forget your kids hat, mittens or gloves, heavy socks and boots.  They protect the areas that lose the most body heat and are more prone to frostbite.

Insist they take breaks.  Dr. Lichenstein says, "Kids will keep playing no matter how cold they are." 

Photo featuring the super cute baby hat sold by "kids' knits by knittin' mama" {click here!}

Excerpt from Parenting Magazine

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