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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More than half of all second graders have cavities!  More than 40% of children have some tooth decay by age 5.  Baby teeth are vulnerable to decay from the moment they appear.  Why is tooth decay in young children on the rise and more importantly, how can you protect your child's teeth?

No shocker that sugar is the main culprit!  Sugar occurs in almost everything children eat these days, whether it's naturally occuring or added.  Soda is one of the worst dental offenders.  One can of soda has the equivelant of 10+ teaspoons of sugar... a cavity in a can.  To help offset this problem, minimize the amount of processed sugar they eat.  Serve nuts, seeds, fruits & veggies. 

A natural sweetener?  Xylitol is a natural sweetener that may help strengthen teeth!  Scientific studies show that xylitol not only prevents cavities, it also repairs dental enamel and reduces the formation of plaque around teeth.  Look for it as an ingredient in toothpaste, gum and mints. 

Brusha, brusha, brusha!  Have those tykes brush regularly; at least two times a day with a properly sized soft-bristle toothbrush.  

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article adapted from taste for life


MiamiDentist said...

I keep my kids away from sugary filled products, ESPECIALLY soda.

Thanks for the post!

Emmy said...

Oh, she looks cute as she brushes her teeth! She probably enjoyed every moment of it. It's a good sign for a second grader to have enthusiasm when it comes to oral care. That would help keep their teeth clean, even after they eat lots of candies!

>Emmy Summers

John Moran said...

your blog is very passionate about child dental health.keep it up.Michigan teeth whitening

Sean Shen said...

Maintaining good oral habits is very important to oral health. Teeth, like other body parts, requires regular maintenance to stay clean and healthy. The best thing to do is to start developing healthy habits from a very young age.

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childrendentistsca said...

Healthy and strong teeth are an important part of child health. Children's teeth start to develop before they are born. There are two sets of teeth first is milk teeth and second is permanent teeth. Please visit my site below for more info.

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Tim Jet said...

More than half of all second graders have cavities! More than 40% of children have some tooth decay by age 5.dublin dentists

Den said...

Kids are not fully aware of the effects of not brushing their teeth. The best practice is to teach them to brush their teeth at an early age as well as visiting a dentist. Dental Care for Kids

Megan Mills said...

Practicing good oral hygiene habits at a young age that's nice. But don't forget to visit your dentist once in a while.

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Isidro Brown said...

Thanks for this very important post, wonder if you can get dental health insurance to pay to remove mercury fillings, I have one. they probably would not.

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