be green on vacation!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It’s that time of year to pack up the crew, have fun with the family and make some memories. It’s easy to be eco-friendly on your next escape. Here are six tips for making your next vacation a green one:

1.) When leaving your hotel room, turn off all lights & unplug electrical devices.

2.) Turn off air conditioning when leaving or adjust the thermostat.

3.) Take a walk, ride a bike or use public transportation when you get to your destination (it's a great way to see your vacation spot).

4.) Recycle! seek out an area that recycles your paper & plastic. If your hotel does not have recycling bins, speak to a manager and suggest that they start offering that must-have service for their guests.

5.) Use your towels & sheets for a couple of days. Hotels are now making it easy to cut down on water waste by encouraging guests to reuse.

6.) Search out & support a green hotel or green lodging.

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