a car wash is a greener choice!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not sure what is considered to be the greener choice: a car wash or doing it yourself? It turns out that going to the car wash uses HALF the amount of water per car than the typical home washing job and is definitely the greener choice!

When you think about what gets washed off your car – gasoline, exhaust fume residue, oil, car wash detergents – its good to know that it’s a federal law in the US (and Canada) that commercial car washes treat their waste water before it enters sewer or septic systems. Some car wash establishments recycle their rinse and soapy water as well.

In addition to the water recycling process, they also use a high-pressure pumps and nozzles that minimize the amount of water used.

Go green and keep your car clean with a car wash establishment!

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