Cruise Control = Fuel Efficiency

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It’s road trip time… This year when you hit the highway, be sure to take advantage of the cruise control button as much as possible. Maintaining a steady speed allows you to drive 10 percent farther on a single tank.

Some other gas-saving tips:

Remove excess weight – take out unnecessary items from your vehicle, which can reduce your fuel economy by up to 5%

Avoid idling – Turn off the engine when the car is parked for longer than a minute. Starting your car only uses a few seconds worth of fuel, rather than a quarter to half gallon of fuel per hour while idling

Keep tires properly inflated – under-inflated tires can waste up to 6% of extra fuel

Don’t drive aggressively – rapid acceleration, braking and speeding wastes gas. Drive sensibly --- it’s safer & fuel efficient!

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