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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am guilty of letting my kids use my iPhone or iPad to keep them busy.  I have mixed feelings about it… we pretty much know that exposure to cell phones carry some potential hazards (and that’s especially true for children!).  But our kids are growing up in a technological world.  They are constantly adapting, growing and learning along side technology, and they love and understand the tools that they have available to them.

But, truth be told, I don’t give them the devices to help with their computer know-how.  I do it so I can make a 5-minute phone call in peace.  Or start dinner without the kids hanging on me (or asking for food even though they just ate 2.5 minutes ago).  So if I am going to cave in, I should at least make their experience educational on some level… right?

Thankfully for me, Babble.com provided a Top 50 iPhone Apps for Kids (they also have the Top 25 Android Apps for kids).  They ranked their Top 10 Favorites for: Education, Stories & songs, Art & hidden pictures, Fun & games, Familiar friends & classic games.  My sons and I played around with their list and instantly found some new favorites (it’s hard to believe how quickly kids can maneuver and get acclimated to these apps).

Here are our new favorite apps thanks to Babble’s list:

123 Color - Talking coloring book

Fish School - Letters, numbers, colors, shapes & matching

Letter Writer Oceans - Teaches preschoolers to write their letters

Preschool Connect the Dots

Tell us what app(s) your kids love?

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