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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do your summer plans include growing great grub or a garden that fits your space & schedule?  If so, we have two book recommendations that you need to check out: 

  1. Grow Great Grub: Organic Food From Small Spaces by Gayla Trail is a wonderful how-to gardening book loaded with great photographs & nuggets of tips!  I love that this book gets to the point and doesn’t waste reader’s time with extra words.  There are pictures and oodles of excellent tips to get started and apply immediately!
  2. I Garden: Urban Style by Reggie Solomon and Michael Nolan is packed with gorgeous photographs and helpful information to identify what you want out of your garden and how to get it.  It focuses on the urban garden, but their information is pertinent for anyone starting small or working with window boxes and container gardening.  
No matter how small (or big) your yard is, these books will provide tons of great ideas & helpful tips for:

  • Container gardening – everything you need to know
  • Getting started – where & what to grow, site preparation, seeds, fertilizing, growing conditions, garden maintenance & garden style
  • Growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, edible flowers, climbing plants & native plants
  • Harvesting, composting & pest control
  • Garden bounty recipes and instructions for preserving your harvested goods
These books are perfect for beginner & experienced gardeners.  They are packed with every piece of information to be successful, great pictures to help you visually plan your garden and delicious recipes to enjoy what you grew!

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