GMO’s = FrankenFood! What you need to know!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It’s a mad scientist and greedy villains wildest dream come true… a crossbreed of a tomato with basically a car tire… a complete food monopoly and trillions of people ignorant to the mass damage done to the earth and themselves.  Are we talking about the latest box office sci-fi thriller?  No.  It’s Genetically Modified Organisms and it’s taken over the US and a home near you!

Does it scare you that over 75% of today’s produce are genetically modified?  What about the fact that GMO foods have been linked to liver, pancreas, kidney and heart damage in animals?¹  Or the fact that GMO foods use herbicides two, three & four times more than a traditional farmer that uses pesticides?  GMO foods cannot thrive without chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  If that doesn’t frighten you, what about the fact that food companies do not have to label that their product contains GMO?  It should be illegal to NOT tell consumers what they are buying!  Unfortunately everything associated with GMO’s is horrific.

Two ways to protect your families from GMO’s is to Go organic & Get vocal!  Organic products can not legally be GMO’s.  It’s not 100% guaranteed that GMO’s are not in your food source, but it’s a good place to start.  Call every food company that you support and verify that the products you buy from them are indeed GMO-free.  Speak up at your local stores (even companies like Whole Foods put GMO products on their shelves).  Tell them to pass and to take a stance to be GMO-Free!

Proposition 37 is an excellent ballot being proposed in CA that if passed, will require labeling that an item contains GMO.  It will also prohibit labeling or advertising of GMO foods as “natural”.  Director Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association described it perfectly in his article, Here are 8 reasons you want Prop 37 to pass:

(1.)  GMOs have never been proven safe. The FDA conducts no independent testing of GMOs, but instead claims that they are "not substantially different" from non-GMO foods.
(2.)  The biotech industry is not required to conduct long-term safety studies on GMOs, and it keeps researchers from conducting those tests by claiming the right to protect its patented seeds and technologies.
(3.)  GMOs are everywhere. Today, most non-organic US corn, soy, cotton and sugar beets - which are used in most of the sweeteners and additives used by food processors - are genetically engineered. So is the feed fed to the animals you eat. In fact, 75 - 85% of the processed food in your grocery store contains unlabeled GMOs.
(4.)  The companies who want you to believe GMOs are safe are the same ones who lied to you about Agent Orange and DDT.
(5.)  GE crops are responsible for super weeds and super bugs, soil degradation, and lack of diversity - which makes crops and humans more susceptible to disease.
(6.)  The only folks who don't want you to know what's in your food are huge corporations like Monsanto, Dow AgriScience, BASF and food conglomerates like Pepsi and Coca-Cola - who along with other biotech, pesticide and processed food manufacturers have donated nearly $33 million to defeat Prop 37.
(7.)  This is our best - and perhaps only - shot at labeling GMOs and ending Monsanto's monopoly of our food supply and destruction of our health and environment. Nineteen other states have tried - and failed - to get a GMO labeling law through the state legislative process. Prop 37 takes GMO labeling direct to the voters so Monsanto's lobbyists can't kill it.
(8.)  If this law passes in California, food manufacturers have admitted that it may as well be a national law. They won’t want to put ‘this product contains GMOs” on their labels, so they will reformulate their products. And if they reformulate for California, they may as well do it for all of their products.
An excellent resource is The Non-GMO Project!  Check them out!  Also, take 2 minutes to watch this video and share it with friends and family!


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