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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Board games are a great addition to structured play!  They combine entertainment and education into one fun experience and it’s the perfect activity on a rainy day or when there’s time to fill and kids saying, “I’m bored”. 

Simple lessons such as taking turns, learning to win & lose, and communication intermixes with lessons about anything from math to astronomy (depending on the game you choose).  There are endless options for children’s games.  Choose ones that are age-appropriate and that would be of interest to your child.

There are so many great games on the market today, but these 5 made our “must play” list!

  • Uno – This classic is a favorite for so many reasons!  It’s super fun, fast paced, easy to play and it teaches kids simple (but important) lessons such as colors, numbers, matching and order.  It’s also super portable making it a great game to bring on any trip.
  • Trouble – This game is so much fun for all ages!  I love playing this with my 9 year-old nephew.  The bubble can lead to trouble or victory, all depending on how things shake down.  Great skills like counting and taking turns make this game fun and definitely worth playing.
  • Bananagrams – build connecting words!  You win when you’ve used all of your letters.  It’s a fast paced and fun way for beginning spellers (and established spellers) to test their skills or show off their quick wit with words.
  • Connect Four – literally connect four pieces in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction.  Tic tac toe-ish in nature, this game reinforces counting, color recognition and strategy.
  • Checkers – An oldie and a goodie!  Kids learn reasoning, logic and pre-math skills with this classic.  It’s a must-play and a wonderful game that your child can play with any adult and as a grown-up J.
All of these games (and more!) are sold on our eco-boutique.  Check them out!

We want to know!  What’s your favorite board game for your family?

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